Who I Am


In a nutshell, I am a verbal and visual storyteller.

In a slightly larger nutshell, I am a writer by birth, a graphic designer by degree, an illustrator (both digital and traditional) by interest, and a glasses wearer by genetics.

When not doing any of the things listed above, I can usually be found folding paper cranes whilst binging on Netflix, reading an inordinate amount of books when time and funds allow, or painting with coffee while sipping tea (and vise versa). I also have for the last seven years or so been attempting the very daunting (see also: slow) task of teaching myself Japanese, and because that wasn’t difficult enough, for the last four years I have also been working on learning Korean.

I am a devourer of (mostly) all things Sci-Fi, and if I were granted three wishes, the first would be to have a dragon for a pet. (The second two would most likely be used to set parameters on that first wish because, let’s be honest, a dragon- while epically cool- is not the most practical of companions. Upkeep alone, I’m sure, is quite a nightmare, as I am not in the habit of keeping large herds of sheep and/or livestock.)

My favourite author at the moment is the honorable Jasper Fforde, and while all of his books are absolutely delightful, Shade of Grey (note the lack of numbers, dear readers) has somehow managed to win the title of “Most Favouritest Book”, an award I never thought I would be able to give out in my life.



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