Who I Am: Writer Edition

Okay, so after writing the Artist-me post, I realized that I could still introduce Writer-me, since I am still working on the ‘writing blog posts without third party prompts’ thing. (Whether I should write this must be determined by a jury of my peers at a later date.)

So again, I present the duality of my self-as-writer: Non-fiction vs Fiction.

The non-fiction writing I do is very much me, in that when I am writing, when it is my voice and information being imparted, I write like I think. Literally. This is my train of thought, here on this page. I don’t sit down and bullet point each segment, I don’t craft a thesis, I don’t worry about the conclusion. I fix on a topic, and type. (This is great, usually, for word count, but grammar often gets left behind, and I have a tendency to ramble in parentheses and commas. [I even find the need to do parentheses within parentheses, because I have issues.] It means I always did well in English, but I didn’t get straight-As.) What you see on this blog and any other social media is me, talking to you, via ink and pixel.

Fiction me is another beast entirely. When writing a story, I’m not really the one telling the story; I’m more like a conduit than a crafter. (Don’t get me wrong, it is my story, and I am the one writing it, but for me writing is more like uncovering a story that is already out there, fully formed, and less like building a story brick by brick) Therefore, how I tell a story- the tone, the rhythm, the flavour, if you will- differs wildly depending on who and what it’s about. For example, one of my stories is a third person narration, wherein the narrator is invisible, while another might still be third person, but the narrator has much more personality (without being a straight up character, or first person.)

And that’s me.


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