Sincerely, A Frustrated Reader

Guys. I am a huge believer in the idea that all writers are, at least in part, a frustrated reader who got tired of waiting for someone else to write the book they want to read.

This is pretty much where I am now; I have one flavour of story I want to read, but I can’t find it anywhere; who knew a cross between Sailor Moon, The Mummy, and Stargate, with a smattering of Fringe/X-Files thrown in, would be so hard to find. Just a book with upbeat, irrepressibly optimistic protagonists, a heavy influence of archaeology, reincarnated kingdoms, ancient futuristic technology, and dimension/time travel. It’s not like that’s a terribly specific and weird combination. Surely there are loads of books like that, no? No?

Anyway, besides now having a new story I have to write, I am left wondering; is there an app or website that lets you plug in elements from books you like, or just straight up book you like, and it spit out other books that match up? I’m not talking Goodreads; while in theory it might be good, I’ve found it rather useless. (When I say I want to read something like Mansfield Park, I don’t want something Regency-era. I want a book with a quietly strong female character, told by a witty narrator. That sort of thing.) if there is, or by some miracle you actually know if books that match what I’ve described here, please help. I can’t focus on other work until I’ve got this craving sorted.

If such an app or site does not exist, I’m very tempted to create one myself. (Never mind the fact that coding is the very bane of my existence.) I mean, it would take a phenomenal amount of research and effort, but good gravy, think of the payoff.

On the topic of wanting new books. I don’t care what format its in; series, book, novella, snippy paragraph- I just need J.K. Rowling to write more about ancient Egyptian Wizards. I needs it.