Day Thirty: My Favourite Movie Character

I have a very large collection of favourite characters from movies and books, and picking only just one is trying to pick a favourite friend, I shan’t do it.

But, I do have certain archetypes that I love more than others, and those characters that introduced me to the archetype will always be beloved.

Therefore, I can resolutely state that Mouse, from Ladyhawke- a 1985 fantasy movie I’ve grown up watching- is one of my favourite characters. Mouse, played by Matthew Broderick, is a thief, loyal, and witty, and solidly sold me on the ‘lovable rouge,’ so much so that if I see a movie or book has this particular flavor of the archetype, I am 98%* more likely to watch it.

Other characters that further solidified this preference includes Jim from The Stainless Steal Rat, Silk from the Belgariad/Mallorean (often compared to a weasel; I’m starting to see a pattern here I don’t much like), Mercedes Lackey’s Skif, and much more recently but squarely fits in this category so I am including him, Nick from Zootopia. (If you noticed that Han Solo is missing from this list, it’s because though he fits the general archetype, he’s a subtype I’m not very fond of. Sorry ’bout it.)

*statistics shown here are entirely fictitious, but probably pretty accurate anyway.


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