Day Twenty-Nine: A Day in the Life of Me

My schedule varies somewhat week to week, as I work both part time and full time. (Well, worked; after nearly a year and a half of two timing it, I finally cut my part time job loose.)

So, we’ll just be looking at today’s schedule.

  • First alarm goes off at 4:50am
  • Turn that mess off and go back to sleep
  • Second alarm goes off at 5am.
  • Actually wakes up and stumbled around getting ready
  • Insulin is administered no later than 5:15
  • Fifteen minute countdown begins
  • Prepares breakfast and the day’s lunch
  • Timer’s up, time to eat and watch whatever show I’m in the middle of
  • Leave for work at 6:01
  • Pull into parking lot at 6:15
  • Get into crew van to get to the clock at 6:30
  • 6:30-12 cleaning stuff
  • 12-12:30 lunch/reading a book
  • 12:30-3 cleaning more stuff
  • 3-4:30 errands and stuff
  • 4:30-5:30 coffee with a dear friend
  • 6:30 head to community group
  • 6:30-10:30 (usually) eating dinner with fantastic people, talking about Jesus and life, and drinking reeeeaalllyy good coffee. Easily the highlight of my week.
  • 11 comatose until the first alarm goes off.

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