Days Twenty-Seven & Twenty-Eight: Short Talks on Long Topics

So, Easter was yesterday, and not only did I have to work a shift of my part time job (the last one ever, happily) but I also got to spend the rest of the day with family, including/especially my father, who was in town for the weekend. (Since he kinda lives thousands of miles away, I wanted to spend as much if the day around him as possible.) Hence, no post yesterday.

So, today I must cover two topics: a challenge I’ve overcome, and my views on religion. Neither are topics easily condensed to manageable, bite-sized blog posts, particularly not when I have the tendency to wax (overly) wordy on topics I have strong feelings about. So until I have a specific subtopic to discuss, I hope you’ll forgive me for being generally light-hearted/brief today. (My thumbs can only handle so much typing, and my computer is in the next room.)

A Challenge I Overcame
There are numerous challenges I’ve met throughout my life, some only worthy of only a sentence, some one whole book couldn’t cover. Perhaps the challenge that surprised me the most, first by existing and then by my overcoming it, was the idea of going to the movies alone.

Growing up, movies were a thing the family did; either as a group, or a smaller combination thereof. When I got older, friends were added into the mix, so it has always, always been a social thing for me. I struggle a lot with feeling lonely and lost in a crowd, so the idea of going to a movie by myself sounded absolutely sad and pathetic. So, when I got to college, and found that my schedule and taste in movies often meant there was no one to watch with; either I could swallow my pride and fear and go alone, or just never see the movie.

Eventually, I was suckered in to going alone by my love of new stories, and I found it was nowhere near as lonely or sad as I thought it’d be; it was even (gasp) kinda nice. I’d still rather go with people, but I’m no longer bound by that.

My Thoughts on Religion
First things first, I am a Christian, in that I have willingly devoted my life to following the God of the Bible, and that I believe He takes an active role in our lives.
Having said that, I have mixed views on religion. There are a couple of different definitions of religion. The one I think most people think of, though, and the one that can be problematic, is the definition of ‘a particular system of faith and worship.’ Or rather, the pomp and circumstance, the rituals and traditions of faith and worship.

These, when it’s a response to, a symptom of, one’s belief, can be a beautiful, wonderful thing. But when the ritual becomes more important than the faith, when tradition takes precedence to foundational tenets of the belief, it can lead to the hypocrisy and stagnation of the people involved.

Mind you, I am still very young, and have a lot more of the world to see and learn about, but from what I have seen, and what I do know, the bells and whistles might be pretty, but if they aren’t founded on a strong understanding of why they exist in the first place, they become less than meaningless.


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