Day Twenty-Six: Things I Want to Learn

I love learning things, I really do. Thusly, my list of things to learn is long, varied, and amorphous. This list, then, is what I currently want to learn/master in the course of my life.

– Japanese
– Korean
– Asian history and folk tales (not just from the aforementioned counties, either)
– Celtic (language and folk tales)
– Sculpting (paper, clay, and marble)
– Whittling/woodcarving (despite injuries in my youth, this dream continues)
– 3D modeling (I have a basic understanding, but nowhere near the level I want it to be
– Digitally painted landscapes (trees are evil. Evil.)
– Cake decor
– Realistic paper flowers (how to make)
– How to sew clothing/stuffed animals
– Ballroom dancing
– Kickboxing
– Bookbinding
– Taxes, and how to do them
– How to run an etsy store
– How to make macarons
– Maybe French?
– Maybe Chinese?
– How to braid hair
– Do the make up
– Costume design
– How to animate
– Sequential drawings
– Coding, or at least enough of a grasp to do web design
– Photo manipulation

Aaand… I think that’s it for now. I’m in progress for some things, the rest are just waiting for the necessary time/materials/funds.


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