Day Twenty-Two: About My Family

Guys, my family is awesome. Seriously, they are.

I didn’t always think this way, of course; I dove right in to the ‘I hate everyone’ phase head first, and my family (being the closest people to me at the time) bore the brunt of that.

However, now having grown up and seen what an actual ‘bad family’ looks like, and the affect they have had on each other, I can definitively state that I have been blessed to have the parents and siblings that I do.

My parents in particular were the predominate influencers in shaping who I am today; they taught me to love reading and story, to laugh, to think for myself, were the first ones to introduce me to my faith, and the ones who made sure that I had the mental tools needed to actually understand what it is I believe in. My mother introduced me to Harry Potter, my father to Lord of the Rings (there were, of course, crossovers, as both had a hand in reading to us as we were growing up, but those books were predominantly relegated to one or the other.) They encouraged me to pursue my interests for as long as it was safe for me to do so (I was firmly told that, after accidently cutting myself twice in as many weeks, I was no longer allowed to pursue whittling as a pastime while under their roof. I probably still have all of my fingers now, because of that.)

My sibs were excellent, being my first friends, first classmates, first rivals, ex cetera. Each one (two sisters, one brother, all younger) is uniquely fantastic, and I’ve been privileged to watch them grow up. One sister is incredibly driven in all that she does, and is destined to do (and has done) some really amazing things. The other is able to retain vast stores of knowledge on topics she finds interesting, and possesses a passion for those interests that is almost palpable. My brother is, on top of being a walking miracle, is just a fascinating individual. (When he was young, he told us he was going to be a rockstar, and a pastor, and Chuck E. Cheese, all at the same time. Now he’s leaning towards [last I heard] music or international politics.)

And I, to balance things out, I like drawing pictures and doodling stories. >v<

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