Days 19, 20, and 21: AKA I Can’t Write in a Car


Fun fact guys: it’s really hard to find time to write a blog post when stuck in a van for twelve hours with friends. (Perhaps ‘stuck’ isn’t quite the word. But it’s not far off.) And it’s hard to find time when you’re busy spending time with said friends exploring a new city and consuming lots of great coffee and food (Not too shabby, Providence, not too shabby.) Anyway, I’ll try and keep today’s post as concise as possible, considering we’ve got three topics to cover, and I’m still recovering from a very eventful vacation.

My Hidden Talent
I possess the ability to read anywhere; car, coffeehouse, in nature, indoors, at a restaurant, in rain or shine, at a concert. As long as I have a book, I can read. The only time I have trouble focusing on a book is if people I care about are talking in my vicinity and I’m not opposed to joining in the conversation at some point.

If my memory has not completely failed me, I do believe that there was at least one case of me reading in a movie theater. Not, mind you, before the movie started; that is absolutely normal for me. I mean during the movie.

Most Embarrassing Moment
I was at a friend’s birthday party, and we were playing a trivia/board game. The box’s lid was in the way, so I casually tried to toss it out of the way. The only problem was, someone’s face was in the way.
I hit some guy I only just met.
In the face.
With a box.
I seriously considered moving out of the country.

A Confession
I hate gum. Hate it.
With a fiery, burning passion.
Every fiber of my being rebels against the very idea of it, and my soul withers at the sight of it.
It’s so gross.


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