Day Eight: What’s In My Bag?

Finally, the burning question you all have been dying to have answered: what exactly is in my bag?

Right now, I know off the top of my head I have a bunch of random junk in there. I’m a sucker for large bags purely because I usually carry anywhere between 2-3 journal-ly books (sketch book, story idea book, random non-story idea book, and a ‘for fun’ reading) my insulin pouch thing, wallet, name tag for work, and then whatever else finds it’s way in there. (I usually keep enough room in there that if I go to the movies, I can smuggle in things like bottled coffee and snacks. Once I smuggled in a full on meal, cause the movie was over dinnertime. I’m a rebel like that.)

The actual list of stuff in my bag, from top left corner and then meandering down around to bottom right:

1) Non-story idea book/the thing I write random stuff in

2) Pair of gloves that I keep forgetting to take out

3) A key to a lock I lost

4) Two USBs, #graphicdesignlyfe

5) An eraser

6) Miracle part time job name tag that has so far lasted a year and a half

7) A really nice pen that I recently re-found, and love

8) Random papers/flyers, part one

9) Post-it note thoughts

10) My wallet

11) Random papers/flyers, part two

12) My story idea notebook

13) Phone Charger

14) Pineapple Chapstick from the Dole Plantation (tanks Momma)

15) Hand lotion

16) My emergency sugar of choice

17) Diabetic supplies that cost too much money and run out too quickly. 

And that’s what I got. I recently had cleaned out the bag, so there isn’t actually as much today as there usually is, so that was nice.


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