Day Six: Top Five Songs

I am, at best, weird when it comes to music. I honestly couldn’t care less about artists or groups or things like that most of the time. I like certain songs, but rare is the day when I like even the majority of the music a band, group, idol, singer, what-have-you produces. I like a lot of individual songs, but I’m just not passionately obsessed with anything. What draws me to a song relies on a number of factors, which is why it’s hard for me to like everything a single artist produces; if a song has an appealing rhythm/beat, if it is a story/I can build a story around it, if the timbre/quality of the singer’s voice is interesting, if the lyrics are clever/funny/unique/unexpected, if I can relate to the message, then I like the song. (A song usually has to have at least two of these factors for me to be interested. The more it has, the more I like it.)

Having said that, I’ve listed the five I like most right now.

1) Toccata by David Garrett

2) We Get On by Kate Nash

3) Bulletproof by BTS

4) Oceans by Hillsong

5) Something There by the Original Broadway Cast (Beauty and the Beast)

And, surprisingly, this is actually a really accurate snapshot of my taste in music. Huh.

(On a side note, when writing story, I pretty much listen only to classical/instrumental music. I have a great many favourites from that genre, but I’m usually in the zone when listening, so I neither know titles or composers. It’s great.)


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