Day Five: Five Year Goals

Now, as I said in a previous post, I’m not really one for grand, sweeping career aspirations. I do have things I want to have done, and places I would like to be, by the time I am thirty (which is only five years away now, and looking more and more like a sneeze instead of a gaping canyon)

So here are things I would like to check off
1. Be financially stable enough to work only one job
2. To have paid off my school loans
3. To be fluent in at least Japanese
4. To know how to make, and have made, French macarons.
5. To have visited Japan/Korea at least once
6. To have finished and published Namesake
7. To open an Etsy shop
8. To own a car that doesn’t flood in the rain or make upsetting noises on tight turns


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