Day One: My Blog’s Name

(Alternative Title: Proof Why I Shouldn’t Be Tasked With Naming Things)

I suppose the most appropriate topic to start us out on is about my blog, and where ‘Hanz Writes’ came from, seeing as my name is not, in fact, Hanz.

There was a time, many moons ago, when I was fresh out of college, and only working a part-time job at minimum wage, and thus not quite able to do the whole ‘pay rent’ thing. I was incredibly blessed, though, that not only did my sister and her husband live in the area, but they are both incredibly kind and generous people who let me live in their guest bedroom for over six months while I found full-time employment.

During this time, my brother in law always yelled a greeting when they returned from work and I was there, which was actually quite nice; made me feel at home, and not like the moocher I was. Anyway, his greeting over time morphed, and went (ish) thusly:

Meghan > Meghan > Meg Hans > Meg Hans Christian Anderson > Hans Christian > Hans.

Now he rarely calls me anything else, my friends have begun calling me that, and I’ve grown somewhat attached. There are, in general, much worse nicknames to be called. Also, I’ve kinda always wanted a nickname that wasn’t the standard shortening-the-first-name-to-the-first-syllable that so many people seem to do once they hit college. (Seriously. I was never called ‘Meg’ until I went to college. Granted, this was also the time when everything was getting shortened to one syllable, so I think pop-culture at the time was just totes lazy.)

As for the rest of the name, well, I write things, sometimes. Yeah.

Guys, I’m bad at naming things.

Like, bad.

It’s kind of sad.

I did try, honestly, to think of something witty and clever that perfectly encapsulates my views on writing and life.

Clearly, I succeeded.

And so, that’s my blog’s name. It’s nothing fancy or earth shattering, but I like it, and I think it suits me just fine.


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