Blogging Challege, Day Zero

I’ve decided to do this whole “30 Day Blogging Challenge” thing because if I don’t have the immediate need to write my thoughts on a topic down, I can sit for hours staring at a blank page. This is rather more an amalgamation of several different challenges I’ve found, as all of them has at least one or two topics I have less than no interest in writing, and there are several topics in each that I very much wouldn’t mind writing on, so here we are. To give you a good idea of what to look forward to, or dread, I’ve included the list below.

Day One: My Blog’s Name

Day Two: What Books Influanced My Writing

Day Three: Dream Job

Day Four: Proudest Moment

Day Five: Five Year Goals

Day Six: Top Five Songs

Day Seven: What Am I Most Afraid Of?

Day Eight: What’s In My Bag? (Better question: what isn’t?)

Day Nine: Best Trip of My Life?

Day Ten: My Favourite Childhood Book?

Day Eleven: Five Current Goals

Day Twelve: Thoughts on Education

Day Thirteen: What Makes Me Happy

Day Fourteen: What Makes Me Sad

Day Fifteen: My Worst Habits

Day Sixteen: If I Won the Lottery?

Day Seventeen: Favourite Quotes

Day Eighteen: My Biggest Regret

Day Nineteen: My Hidden Talent

Day Twenty: Most Embarrassing Moment

Day Twenty-One: A Confession (I hate gum.)

Day Twenty-Two: About My Family (I.E. I could brag all day.)

Day Twenty-Three: My Biggest Pet-Peeve

Day Twenty-Four: Places I’ve Been

Day Twenty-Five: Handy Things I Have Learned (Pro Tip: Make your bed every day.)

Day Twenty-Six: Things I Still Want to Learn

Day Twenty-Seven: A Challenge I Overcame

Day Twenty-Eight: My Views on Religion. (Oof.)

Day Twenty-Nine: A Day in the Life of Me: Now in Bullet Form

Day Thirty: Favourite Movie Character (Mouse, from Lady Hawk. Points to you if you’ve even heard of that movie.)


(Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but a lot of these, I’ll be writing in one sitting because 1) time is at a premium in my life right now, and there isn’t always time in a day to write more than a sentence or two, and b) I really wanted to. I’ll still be posting it once per day, though.)


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